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Composition Construction - Book 1A 建構式作文習作簿1A



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Book 1A of a series of six composition books designed for intermediate students. Making composition fun and exciting again.
We had two main aims in creating this series of books. The first was to take away the pain of writing a composition. Too often, us teachers hear students moan and complain as soon as we tell them that they need to write a composition. We aimed to break down the composition building process into small bite sized chunks that are easily managed and therefore don't appear too daunting. We also wanted to change the dictionary definition of 'composition'. How often have your students been asked to write a composition with a topic like this: Why is learning English so important? Why is recycling so important? Describe a role model. These topics really have been overdone. And what defines 'composition' anyway? Surely composition just means writing. With that in mind we tried to think about all the different kinds of writing we need to do in English. Things like; writing a note for the refrigerator, writing a diary entry, writing a letter of apology, and writing a lost animal sign. These topics are rarely seen in composition books but embrace all the skills of English writing. 我們出版建構式作文練習簿系列教材主要有兩個目的: 1.寫作文不再是件痛苦的事情 老師經常聽到學生抱怨寫作文很無聊,學生想到要寫作文就腦帶一片空白。 所以我們將寫作文分為很多的小章節,寫作文不在是個壓力。 2.我們設計跟以往不同的寫作方式,讓作文題目變的生動有趣 其他作文簿裡的無趣內容: 1.為什麼學英文很重要、 2.為什麼回收很重要 3.形容你的偶像 這些是我們認為最無聊的作文主題 "建構"的定義在於編寫,我們試圖寫了不同類型的主題,從日常生活裡找出主題,生活裡處處是寫作文的題材。例如:寫一遍短文日記、寫一封道歉信、情書、寵物協尋海報甚至是冰箱上的留言!!我們真的很少看到其他作文簿裡有這些主題,快來翻開建構式作文練習簿,開始你的第一個主題作文吧!!
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