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Street Smarts 成套口語卡套組



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Street Smarts - The English slang kit for dudes, babes, homeboys and foxes. Not suitable for dorks, losers, princesses or yuppies.
Yo,同學,what’s up? 恭喜你已購買Street Smarts.你和你的學生即將變得Street Smarts了.英文的流行俚語不斷的再改變,不過受歡迎的措辭和片語已成為日常用語.Interactile Learning中的老師被請求交會學生學會英文俚語已一段時間了.所以Interactile Learning 研發出一套教具,Street Smarts,教會學生說一口流利的英語,而且不會冒犯到任何人.所有能在這套教具中找的的東西都是我們戲稱 “Granny Safe” 的.即使再最容易被觸怒的長輩前亦可使用Street Smarts中的所有教具. 就如同其他英文的東西,要學的好的方法就是多練習.所以以下是一些能幫助學生學習 “Street English”並應用的超炫課堂活動. English slang is always changing, but the popular terms and phrases found within have become part of the every day lexicon. For some time, the teachers at Interactile Learning have been asked to help students learn English slang. So Interactile Learning developed Street Smarts, to help students speak naturally sounding English, without offending anyone. Rest assured everything you will find in this kit is what we call ‘Granny Safe.’ Everything within Street Smarts is safe to use in front of even the most easily offended grandparent. Here are some worksheets to accompany Street Smarts. Street Smarts Class Photo - Color Street Smarts Class Photo - Black and White
Skill 街頭用語, 口說, 單字
程度 高級
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