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About Us 關於多角度教育

Pierre Coetzee

I graduated from Pretoria University with a B.Com. Law and an LLB degree. Then I decided to see the world and explore some educational theories I had. It was going to be for a year or so but then I found I really enjoyed teaching and in Taiwan I had many opportunities to get involved in curriculum development. At the same time the government in South Africa changed and with it, a lot of what I had studied.

I started teaching regular Joy American School hours. About a year later I started working for Jump Start in Taipei, the first school to offer full day all-English classes. After about a year I was Head Teacher at one of the branches but I changed to curriculum development when my first term as Head Teacher ended. I enjoyed three very nice years teaching and working on the curriculum.

Then one day I met Paul, the owner of then Da Yia Kindergarten and Cram School. For the next 2 years I helped him to establish an English Program in his three schools known today as The Sunrise Academy.

I then became a father of my own children. My wife is from Hualien and we decided to move down there to open our own school. We opened The Hill English School and ran it for 7 years, starting from scratch and progressing to about 150 students in two schools teaching only English.

Then one day, after all of this, it struck me, ‘Holy Cow!!!’ This is how you are supposed to teach English. I got a clear picture in my mind of how an English class should be taught and the materials that teachers should be using. The only problem was that it did not, as of yet, exist.

Not long after this I met with Leighton and he was enthusiastic, capable, experienced and of the same conviction. About a month later……… Interactile Learning was born!!!

Leighton Jones

I had itchy feet throughout high school and university to the point that I skipped my university graduation ceremony in order to get on an airplane. My mother was not impressed but I had a world to explore.

Arriving, somehow, in Hualien, Taiwan was an eye-opener. My initial ticket allowed for a twelve month stay here. At the end of the twelve month stay I left, but immediately came back. And that was eleven years ago.

Fortunately though, I had landed in Hualien, for sure the best part of Taiwan. So despite a busy work and Interactile schedule, at some point in every weekend I try to get a foot in a river, on a beach or up a mountain.

My weekdays are filled with classes at Tzu Chi Junior High School Elementary School. Free time is usually filled with writing new material for Interactile Learning.

I have always enjoyed teaching but have never found materials available that enable quality review from week to week, month to month, and semester to semester. And, for me, in a country where English is not the first language, and opportunities to practice English, therefore, are few and far between, review becomes imperative. From this stand point we began Interactile Learning.


Ivy Jones

Ivy has been working hard for Interactile Learning since it began in 2008. She is our in-house designer and also takes care of the day to day administration of Interactile Learning from her home in Hualien. 

Originally from Pingtung, her family moved to Hualien while she was in elementary school and she has resided here ever since. Ivy has been working in graphic design for almost 20 years and this experience helps make our products interesting to the students who get to use them. She tries to make sure all of our products are illustrated to appeal to their audience and help keep students' interest level in their studies very high. 

When she is not working for Interactile Learning, Ivy likes to practice her carpentry skills. Her favourite medium is using recycled wood and turning it into chairs, tables and other furniture items. She also tends to an excellent vegetable patch and Madison and Albert, the two dogs,  keep her busy on the weekends.