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  1. Dweebies

    Dweebies - The card game with character. Collect the most cards by matching Dweebies on both ends of any line in play, at the same time as learning lots of interesting occupations in English plus strategy and probability. Learn More
  2. In A Deep Blue Sea

    36 marine life flashcards that form a beautiful wall mural. ※內有36張卡片,每張都有精美的海洋生物插畫。 ※卡片背面有海洋生物介紹。 ※海洋生物閃卡拼圖完成後尺寸為168cm x 117cm。 Learn More
  3. M is for Mouse

    M is for Mouse is a simple game for beginner students to practice the alphabet, the sounds of the English letters and some corresponding vocabulary. Learn More
  4. Sleeping Queens

    Sleeping Queens - A Royally Rousing Game Learn More
  5. There's a Moose in the House

    There's a Moose in the House - A Very Silly Card Game. Learn More
  6. Triangles - Phonics Card Game

    Triangles is a game to practice beginning letter sounds. Match cards for points and create a different collage each time. Learn More
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  1. POP - Pencils on Paper Book 2

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