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  1. Conversation Combo

    Conversation Package including First Idioms, Street Smarts and First Questions Learn More
  2. Enormous Errors Eraser

    For when a normal eraser just ain't big enough. Learn More
  3. First Idioms

    First Idioms - 150 of the most commonly used idioms on convenient card form. Learn More
  4. Word Surge - Book 6 - The Odyssey

    The Word Surge series is designed to increase student’s vocabulary from a beginner to a high-intermediate level. Through thematic reading it also applies the new vocabulary to critical thinking and comprehension. Teachers are encouraged to move through each unit at a pace that is comfortable to each class and supplement the activities provided in the book with their own in-class work. Book 6 presents The Odyssey in 12 separate chapters. The Word Surge系列書籍意旨在提高學生從初階到初中階學者的英語詞彙量。藉由專題閱讀的導讀方式增進新詞彙並且訓練學生的獨立思考和理解能力。此系列每個單元中也提供學生可在課堂中演練的習題等活動 Learn More
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  1. POP - Pencils on Paper Book 2

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