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Composition Construction - Book 3


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Book 3 of a series of three composition books designed for intermediate students, high intermediate and advanced students. . Making composition fun and exciting again.
We had two main aims in creating this series of books. The first was to take away the pain of writing a composition. Too often, us teachers hear students moan and complain as soon as we tell them that they need to write a composition. We aimed to break down the composition building process into small bite sized chunks that are easily managed and therefore don't appear too daunting. We also wanted to change the dictionary definition of 'composition'. How often have your students been asked to write a composition with a topic like this: Why is learning English so important? Why is recycling so important? Describe a role model. These topics really have been overdone. And what defines 'composition' anyway? Surely composition just means writing. With that in mind we tried to think about all the different kinds of writing we need to do in English. Things like; writing a note for the refrigerator, writing a diary entry, writing a letter of apology, and writing a lost animal sign. These topics are rarely seen in composition books but embrace all the skills of English writing.
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Level Intermediate, High Intermediate, Advanced
Skill Composition, Reading, Vocabulary, Writing
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