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First Questions - 2nd Edition


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A basic conversation kit - a system that effectively teaches and reviews the 150 most commonly used questions and answers.
Our experience with teaching has always been that repetition done in lots of different ways is the most effective way for people to learn a second language. This is why we came up with the First Question kit. This system will be an excellent addition to your repertoire as a teacher. Used as a warmer, it’s a great way to get your kids talking and thinking in English. Used at the end of class, the Question Kit is an excellent review tool for all the questions and answers you have taught. One problem teachers often find is keeping all their students occupied at all times. This is especially a problem in classes with varying abilities. Now, those students who manage to finish their work faster could be left to play most of the included games by themselves. This would allow the teacher to help out students who are experiencing difficulty in other areas of their English studies. It also means that the faster students will continue to be busy in English while the teacher helps others catch up. Each card comes with between 1 and 4 variations of the same question, and several possible answers. Questions and answers are listed from simplest to most challenging so can choose the questions most likely to challenge your students’ abilities. Also try to mix up the degree of difficulty regularly for extra variety and to keep them on their toes.
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Level Beginner, Pre-intermediate
Skill Reading, Speaking
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