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Speak Right Read Right - Kit 3 Student's Cards 說的好讀的對發音練習卡(學生卡A5) 第3套



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Product Code: ILSRRR3S2013

Speak Right Read Right - The speedy way to reading and speaking proficiency. Kit Three includes fifty cards covering consonant blends and final blends all done using fun tongue twisters.
發音在英文中是很難作好複習的一部份,對學生來說要達到習慣看到音並把這些音組合起來讀是比較重要的,而不是只看單字的第一個字母來學發音。 從正確的地方開始學習對學生非常重要,多角度教育英文出版社的發音課程設計目地在練習說話和朗讀,因此專注在發音課程上,而不是只讓學生一直去寫數頁的文字組合。 文字飽含著固定的模式,這些模式一旦固定在我們的腦中,我們就能夠即精準且流暢地輕鬆閱讀。 我們經過這種文字模式的學習,配合著快速唸出單字及從中所涉及的單字量,這會使大腦將不加思索運用並且訓練好舌頭發音,這就是造就我們說得好讀得好的方法。 The combination of English letters that result in varying sounds has always made it difficult for children to pronounce and read words. And the large number of sounds makes Phonics a notoriously difficult thing to review. Speak Right Read Right remedies that by recreating all the sounds found within English in a fun, exciting and easily reviewed way. Kit 3 covers all your initial consonant blends and final blends. Each sound is presented on a separate card and includes lots of words to teach the sounds in context. Once the sound and the words have been taught, the students are ready to tackle a fun fully-illustrated tongue twister on the back.
程度 初級, 普級
Skill 發音, 閱讀, 口說, 單字