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Speak Right Read Right - Kit 2 Student's Cards 說的好讀的對發音練習卡(學生卡A5) 第2套



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Speak Right Read Right - The speedy way to pronunciation and reading proficiency.
The combination of English letters that result in varying sounds has always made it difficult for children to pronounce and read words. And the large number of sounds makes Phonics a notoriously difficult thing to review. Speak Right Read Right remedies that by recreating all the sounds found within English in a fun, exciting and easily reviewed way. Here in Kit 2 you again have vowel wheels, but where the wheels in Kit 1 are for short vowels, these are for long vowels. In combination with Kit 1 you can easily show kids how the sounds change from short to long and practice short and long vowels together to clearly show the differences. Level 3 and 4 cover all long vowel sounds and vowel combinations over 50 cards. Each card covers between one and three sounds and presents them with sample words meaning that the sounds are learnt within context.
程度 初級
Skill 發音, 閱讀, 口說