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Word Surge - World Map


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The Word Surge - World Map is an easy reference tool to help students understand the geography of the countries that appear in the Word Surge 6 book series.

The Word Surge - World Map 世界地圖,是很好使用的教材工具,幫助學生了解在 Word Surge 這系列6本書中所見的國家的地理位置。
The Word Surge - World Map helps students truly understand the countries that are covered in the 6 book Word Surge series. All the countries that are covered in the Word Surge books are presented on the bottom left hand corner of the map for easy reference. Other countries are divided by continent so students can easily find them and they can easily become talking points in your class as geography questions come up. 每個在這書裡見到的國家都可以在地圖的左下角看到, 其他國家也以洲際來分界,學生很容易找得到。這種地圖可以輕鬆的使用在課堂上,當然上英文課時,顯而易見的地理上的問題就是可以談論的重點!!
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Level Beginner, Pre-intermediate, Intermediate, High Intermediate, Advanced
Skill Reading, Vocabulary, Writing
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